20 July, 2011

Franco's 80s actors: ALBINO GRAZIANI

Franco’s apparent fondness for shooting on location in the Canary Islands (usually Gran Canaria) inevitably brought him in contact with local talent, including Albino Graziani, whose craggy face (sometimes with, sometimes without a scraggly beard) obviously appealed to the director. His film experience at the time seems to have been confined to appearing in a little-known German film called Alcaptar (1978).

At the very beginning of his Franco filmography, in 1980, Graziani was offered the sole sympathetic male part in Sinfonía erotica, as well as a tough-guy coin-juggling act (inspired by George Raft?) in Ópalo de fuego. Other roles: the professor in Oasis of the Zombies (1981), the dying general in La noche de los sexos abiertos and the eccentric hotel waiter in Mansion of the Living Dead. In the latter role, he is clearly dubbed by Jess Franco himself, affecting a Canarian accent.

Sinfonía erotica (1980)

Two Female Spies with Flowered Panties (1980)

Pick-Up Girls (1981)

La noche de los sexos abiertos (1983)

El tesoro de la diosa blanca (1983)

Mil sexos tiene la noche (1984)

Mansion of the Living Dead (1985)

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firirinabe said...

I never realised before that that distinguished looking clean shaven man was the same person as the scruffy looking beardy