05 September, 2010

RE: New Jess Franco Book!: IL CASO JESUS FRANCO

I was honored to have been invited to write the Foreward for Francesco Cesari's new Jess Franco book, CASO JESS FRANCO, which is a spin-off on a Jess Franco conference he organized in Venice, Italy. It is a multi-lingual book, as indicated in Francesco's email to be below. I wrote on his FACEBOOK wall that the cover image is a perfect example of Jess Franco's melding of Sade and Walt Disney! The book is being published in Italy in a limited run and should be available on some Italian online bookstore sites.

From: cesarfra@tin.it
Subject: Re: CASO JESUS FRANCO. All the authors of this book write in their own language: Italian, Spanish and your forward in English. This could sound strange but I like this, since JF films are multilingual too.


Hellbilly Hollywood said...

This sounds awesome! Just wish it was fully english.

dfordoom said...

It's great that there's a new book on Franco out. I just wish I could read Italian and Spanish!