12 June, 2010


The release date for the DVD of LORNA, THE EXORCIST will be delayed for at least a month, according to the Mondo Macabro site. Amazon.com has it available in August but we'll keep our eyes open.  It will have French and English language tracks with Eng. subtitles, a Franco documentary, poster galleries and more. Runtime is being listed at approx. 84m. and it looks that the "scene" is in there!

Video quality looks terrific considering all we've had for decades are dark, fuzzy, censored, grainy dubs.

ADULTS ONLY may go to my CINEMADROME site to see a screengrab of this legendary, notorious scene. Go to the LORNA THE EXORICST DVD news caps featured thread.http://www.cinemadrome.yuku.com

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scott said...

I read the post on the MM blog about the delay.. anyone know the full reason why this was delayed? The way they write it, it sounds like they want to tell us.. but are not in an attempt to be polite.

scott said...

and now even delayed until November? I was happy to read in january about the 3 titles being released this year..but 11 months for one and already cover art released for SINNER ??? what's really going on?

Robert Monell said...

They had difficulty getting the right elements and putting it together. It should be resolved. They want to make sure it's complete and the best possible version, I think. I'd rather wait and have it right.

scott said...

I guess so.. just sucks there's no commentary since Jess Lina and Pamela are all still alive at the moment.. :(