19 June, 2010


Rosalba Neri Picture Gallery
Rosalba Neri as the prisoner Zoe in Jess Franco's 99 WOMEN (1969)

The sensual and multi-talented Italian actress Rosalba Neri was born June 19, 1939. She was a most fascinating, and often scene stealing, performer in Italian genre films from the early 1960s through the 1970s. She was a striking presence and proved she had solid dramatic credentials in such films as AMUCK (1972), THE SEDUCERS (1970), SLAUGHTER HOTEL (1971), JOHNNY YUMA (1968), LADY FRANKENSTEIN (1971) and THE DEVIL'S WEDDING NIGHT (1973).. 

Besides 99 WOMEN she also had memorable roles in Jess Franco's JUSTINE (1968), THE CASTLE OF FU MANCHU (1969) and showed she could do comedy as well as drama with her amusing performance as the Albanian security officer in LUCKY, THE INSCRUTABLE (1967).

What is your favorite Rosalba Neri performance? I think for me it's a toss up between her nymphomaniacal mental patient in SLAUGHTER HOTEL and her vampire Queen in THE DEVIL'S WEDDING NIGHT.

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dfordoom said...

I adore Rosalba Neri. She's terrific in Lucifera: Demonlover. But then she's terrific in anything. Very underrated.

Cam said...

Rosalba was a class act, lighting up every film in which she appeared in. It's hard to pick a favourite but I do have a huge soft spot for The Seducers (or Top Sensation as my copy is called). The teaming of Rosalba and Edwige is a dream come true, a shame they never made more films together. With regard to Slaughter Hotel, I'm guessing the infamous scene used a body double?

firirinabe said...

I don't think she ever looked better than wearing that fez in The Castle of Fu Manchu