21 June, 2010


This poster for the 1982 Ajita Wilson-Lina Romay Spanish hardcore item directed by Carlos Aured (HORROR RISES FROM THE TOMB)[and, according to the IMDB, Sergio Bergonzelli (IN THE FOLDS OF THE FLESH, BLOOD DELIRIUM)] is on Amazon.com.

If you haven't seen this, it's a way, way, way, way out hardcore crime roughie very loosely based on the Patty Hearst case. Only this time it's in Spain. A group of criminals led by Ricardo Diaz (CUTTHROATS NINE) break into a vacant villa where they hold an heiress for ransom.

It's actually a pretty interesting oddity with good performances by Diaz, Romay and the late, great Wilson. One steamy interlude involves the two stars of MACUMBA SEXUAL getting involved with a candle! There's plenty of group sex and offensive sexual violence. The film has a somewhat droll sense of humor and a philosophical twist.

Our Spanish correspondent Nzoog has reported that the IMDB is incorrect {wouldn't be the first time!) re Bergonzelli's involvement. I've got a composite from VSOM, so you know how THAT looks! It's fullscreen (Spanish softcore scenes) and letterboxed for the hardcore sequences. But at least it's English subtitled.

The sequence where the ransom is collected is surprisingly well shot and edited by Aured, considering this was obviously a quickie job. It's downloadable from several sources.

Thanks to Nzoog for the additional information.

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