21 March, 2010


Nazi Cult Collection - 6 DVD box
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Nazi Cult Collection - 6 DVD box

Elsa Fraulein SS
Jailhouse Wardress
Helga Shewolf of Stilberg
Convoy of Girls
Special Train for Hitler
Nathalie Rescued from Hell

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Thanks to bdc over on the Latarnia Forums for noting this on THE FRANCO LOUNGE. At least one of these has footage from a Jess Franco film. That would be JAILHOUSE WARDRESS which uses footage from Franco's BARBED WIRE DOLLS [see below] in a different context. Originally the footage was seen in UN PARADIS POUR LES BRUTES, UN ENFER POUR LES FEMMES aka Les gardiennes du pénitencier (1979.) This was altered by Eurocine by adding scenes from A l'est de Berlin and Train Special pour Hitler, according to OBSESSION: THE FILMS OF JESS FRANCO.

The only one of these titles I've seen is ELSA FRAULEIN SS aka FRAULEIN DEVIL (1977), featuring Jess Franco regular Olivier Mathot (EXORCISM)as a Nazi officer and Pamela Stanford aka Monique Delaunay aka LORNA, THE EXORCIST as a chanteuse aboard the Nazi vice train. If it weren't for her I wouldn't have been able to sit through it. Pretty dire.

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