28 February, 2010



Lorna is finally coming... in more ways than one!

The upcoming DVD cover copied from the MONDO MACABRO blog. That's all I know for now. More details will follow.

The cover art certainly conveys the tone and imagery of the film!

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Jared said...

Actually, looks like you cribbed this from the Worldweird Cinema blog! LOL! That's OK, I stole the picture from dvdaf.com and the news from AVManiacs. Cannot wait for this DVD! SINNER is next after this one!

scott said...

Nice cover art but I feel Pamela Stanford should be hovering over Lina not the other way around!!

scott said...

... I don't blame mondomacabro for trying to appeal to lina fans from "The Bare Breasted Countess" though, if it will help sell it, so be it. It is a nice illustation at any rate.

I still feel that standard poster photo still cover of Jacqueline laurant screaming on the red background sums up the film for me. Her haunting screams are my favorite in the Franco's history of maligned and compromised women

so many questions surround this release. Never thought it would see the light of day.

Anonymous said...

Haven't seen the film but I find the artwork to be top-notch. I hope that it gets released in Spain, if not, I'll try to get the MM release which promises to be quite important. Their DVD of "Diabolical Dr. Z" is really good (and the film itself is a masterpiece, one of Franco's best).

dfordoom said...

It's going to be difficult having to wait another four months, but I'm delighted it's on the way. A Jess Franco fiim with Lina is always a must-buy.

Anonymous said...

I rarely get excited over a DVD release anymore but this one has me going. The artwork is fantastic. - Damian