18 February, 2010

Jess Franco will appear at the OFFSCREEN FILM FEST with his films!

Thanks to Wim for this email regarding the showing of some rare 35mm prints of several key Jess Franco titles. The director and Lina Romay will be in attendance. Follow the link to the OFFSCREEN FESTIVAL site for details.

In addition some Eurowesterns will be screened. Here is a list from email along with the Franco titles. I'm especially interested in the reported 84m print of NECRONOMICON. The longest available is about 79m.

By the way - the festival will also feature 14 spaghetti westerns on 35mm prints. The final program including dates will be made public at the press conference on februari 18th. I've got info on the languange options on most of the prints, more detail will be available on the 18th :

- The Big Silence : english dub + dutch/french subs
- Django Kill : italian dub + english subs
- The Price Of Power : italian dub + english subs
- Kill & Pray (Requiescant) : english dub + ? subs
- Cemetary Without Crosses (Une corde, un colt) : french dub + ? subs
- And God Said To Cain : english dub + dutch/french subs
- Tepepa : english dub + dutch/french subs
- Blindman : ? dub + ? subs
- For A Few Dollars More : english dub + dutch/french subs
- The Good, the Bad and the Ugly : english dub + dutch/french subs
- Death Rides A Horse : english dub + no subs
- The Mercenary : english dub + dutch/french subs
- Django : english dub + no subs
- The Big Gundown : probably italian dub + dutch/french subs

All on 35mm film prints except for Requiescant as the only one on 16mm.

Kind regards,
On Wed, Feb 10, 2010 at 9:13 AM, Wim C wrote:

Hi Robert - here's the Franco-segment of the programmation, including languages on the prints and their runtimes.

Here's the festival's poster :
Here's the poster of the Vampyros Lesbos/Succubus double bill :

Love Letters of a Portugese Nun
Jess Franco, Germany/Switzerland, 1977, 35mm, v ang st fr + all / eng v franse + duitse ot, 82’
DON JEU THU 04 March

Shining Sex (La fille au sexe brillant)
Jess Franco, Belgium /France, 1977, 35mm, vf st nl + all / fr v nl + duitse ot, 69’
VRI VEN FRI 05 March

Midnight Party AKA Lady Porno (La partouze de minuit)
Jess Franco, Belgium/France, 1977, 35mm, vf st nl / fr v nl ot, 75’
VRI VEN FRI 05 March

Vampyros Lesbos
Jess Franco, Spain/Germany, 1971, 35mm, vo st bil / ov tweetalige ot, 89’
ZAT SAM SAT 06 March

Succubus AKA Necronomicon
Jess Franco, Germany, 1967, 35mm, v ang st fr / eng v franse ot, 84’
ZAT SAM SAT 06 March

Ilsa, the Wicked warden (Greta Haus ohne Manner)
Jess Franco, Germany/Switzerland, 1977, 35mm, v all st nl + fr / duitse v nl + fr ot, 84’
ZAT SAM SAT 06 March

Hello Robert,
The Festival's site is now online :
Could you please let people know about it? A rare chance for European Franco-fans - some seldom seen movies with Franco and Romay in attendance.

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aleXz said...

WOW! Im definetely thinking in atending this festival! I'll post it in my blog

Alex Bakshaev said...

I'd love to attend this, too.
Still kicking myself for not being able to attend Franco retrospective in Paris a little while back.
To watch a JF film in a 35-mil print is a dream.