01 December, 2009

PAUL NASCHY: (1934-2009)

One of the many faces of Paul Naschy.

Jacinto Molina Alvarez aka Paul Naschy died today in Spain after a battle with cancer. He was 75. He has been known as El Hombre Lobo and the Lon Chaney of Spain but I have always considered him the King of Spanish Horror.

As an actor, director and writer he was kind of the polar opposite of another famous Spanish genre-film artist, Jess Franco, but his films are equally passionate and feature a unique, personal vision. His epic cycle of Waldemar Daninsky-werewolf films spanned over 30 years and 12 titles.

Some of my personal favorite Paul Naschy titles include his under appreciated medieval fantasy EL CAMINANTE, the macabre HUNCHBACK OF THE MORGUE and his eccentric vampire opus COUNT DRACULA'S GREAT LOVE.

Thank you, Paul Naschy, your work brought a great deal of joy and entertainment into my life over the years. You will be missed. RIP....


San Daniele said...

Very sad indeed - he's in B-Movie Heaven now.

Robert Monell said...

Yes, I feel a sense of personal loss. I really love the man's films. He was an icon.

sexykino said...

Even though I was aware of this the day it happened, It's only now really "hitting" me. Perhaps the daze of the holiday season numbed me temporarily. His films have a special place for me as I saw many of them via Mexican TV (often uncut)in my youth. I'd also recently being re-discovering his work on DVD. I hope he knew what joy he brought to so many and that his family may be blessed. Thanks for posting this tribute to one of the gods of European Cult Cinema!

Robert Monell said...

I hope he knew what joy he brought to so many

I also hope so. I know that his work brought me years of joy after discovering him in the video era. Again, he was unique and can't be replaced.