08 October, 2009


Jess Franco and Amy Brown at the 2009 Fantastic Fest in Austin, Texas...

Amy Brown, the world-class authority on all things related to the late, legendary Soledad Miranda, now has a terrific new interview with Jess Franco up on her soledadmiranda.com website.
There is some fascinating new information in this interview about Miranda's overall career, her films with Franco, along with Franco's comments on her too-short life and some surprising revelations about what may have been some of their future projects together if she hadn't died.
I highly recommend this interview to anyone interested in Jess Franco/Soledad Miranda. Great job, Amy!


Amy Brown
Thanks to Amy for the link and images.

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franchesk said...

Pretty interesting to see Nacho Vigalondo talk with Jess. BTW, I found his "Timecrimes" to be great, has it been succesful in the US? (apart from the award at Fantastic Fest).

(please excuse my English, I'm one more reader from Spain).

Jared said...

This may be a tasteless comment, but I love how it almost looks like Franco might be checking out Ms. Brown's cleavage. Dirty old man!!

Anonymous said...

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Revelator said...

Just wondering... Why did Franco call Carlos Aguilar, the writer of a book on him, an idiot in this interview? Is 'Jess Franco: El Sexo Del Horror' really full of lies and misinformation?