10 August, 2009

Who is Carloto Perla?

Carloto Perla is credited as the singer who delivers those eerie voodoo tribal rhythms in Jess Franco's DEVIL HUNTER. The director is also co-credited with the score of that film. Perla's distinctive vocals can also be heard on the tracks of such JF 1980s films as MACUMBA SEXUAL, LA NOCHE DE LOS SEXOS ABIERTOS and the Spanish version of OASIS OF THE ZOMBIES. Although he gets onscreen credit on certain films, on others he's uncredited.

I've always thought his vocals add considerable moody ambiance to the proceedings of these films. But I would like to know more about him. Is he Spanish? Portuguese? He is also associated with a group called the Hildagos or Hidalgos or something like that... I can't properly read the musics credit on the dupey video I own of Franco's L' ESCLAVA BLANCA (1985). Does anyone know anything more about him and that group?


Nzoog Wahlrfhehen said...

That would the "Hidalgos" - the Gentlemen.

Robert Monell said...

Thanks for the translation, Nzoog. That name is only on the WHITE SLAVE credits, he's usually just credited alone. And his name is sometimes spelled differently in various credits.