25 July, 2009

LA SENORA MUERTE: Le Bad Cinema, Mexican style!

"If it's good enough for Boris..."



Directed by Jaime Salvador (1969)

No, this is not Jess Franco's 1965 MISS MUERTE/THE DIABOLICAL
DR. Z!

Prolific actor John Carradine made four horror
quickies in Mexico in 1968, as did Boris Karloff.

The combined shoot reportedly took only 8 weeks!

LA SENORA MUERTE is sublime Le Bad Cinema...

It makes you want to see the other three...

I appreciate the plastic/balsa wood "aesthetic"....

Cinema-degree-zero mise en scene of director Jaime Salvador.
Carradine looks more bags-under-the-eyes grotesque than usual.
It's really wierd hearing his poorly voice-cast dubber.
Carradine's introduction in a no-budget approximation
of a scientist's library in a 1950s Hollywood B movie.
Look for fiery Mexican horror queen Isela Vega (BRING ME THE HEAD OF ALFREDO
The "fashion show" featuring truly ghastly print designs and headwear!
All the women have mid-1960's big hair.
Regina Torne, the disfigured (by Carradine, of course) title character,
drives a classic Ford Mustang!
You don't need English subs to follow it.
It's a hoot!

LE BAD QUIZ: How many films did John Carradine appear in?

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Cam said...

I would hazard that John Carradine made far too many, but strangely at the same time not enough!! He does have that divine quality that few are blessed with, that of enlivening any film that he appears in.
I will have an off-the-cuff guess at 250.

Robert Monell said...


I appreciate your honest guess and that you didn't take the easy way out and go on the IMDB. I still haven't looked there but I guess I'll have to at some point. I think it has to be around that number, if not more. Like Jess Franco, he was a workaholic and didn't know when to stop. He also may have been an alcoholic and his physical state looks alarming from the mid 60s onward.