24 May, 2009


Maria Felix la doña en "Los Ambiciosos"

aka La fièvre monte à El Pao

The Luis Bunuel Film Festival opens today. It will unfold on this blog and my CINEMADROME Forums @ www.cinemadrome.yuku.com.  Images, videos, rare artwork from the 50 year film career of the great Spanish surrealist director Luis Bunuel will be featured along with commentary, essays, reviews and discussion.

This will be an irregular, but ongoing project, with feedback and reader's contributions being most welcome.

A special emphasis will be placed on some of the lesser known Bunuel titles which are, however, very much worth experiencing. Today's focus is on the rarely seen 1956 Mexican-French adventure film LA MORT EN CE JARDIN. Artwork, production stills and a brief review are offered over on my CINEMADROME site.

Coming up on this site soon will be a review of the equally rare 1959 political melodrama, "Los Ambiciosos", with the late, legendary Maria Felix. There is a definite Jess Franco connection in this one which will be examined. In the meantime check out the LOS AMBICIOSOS video over on Youtube.

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