08 May, 2009

Follow My Micro-Mini Reviews on TWITTER/William Shatner Quiz

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Hot Rods To Hell!

Yes, along with what seems like everyone else in the world, I'm on Twitter. I've challenged myself to write micro-mini film reviews within the 140 character restriction. Enforced brevity is always good discipline for any writer.

How do I get the movie's title, date, some information and a comment in without going over the limit? That is the question.

Today's movie is Roger Corman's 1963 THE YOUNG RACERS, with Mark Damon (whom DVD SAVANT claims in his DVD review was dubbed by William Shatner [!]) and William Campbell as jousting race car drivers on the Euro-Grand Prix circuit. What I couldn't fit in on Twitter is that this also co-stars the great Patrick Magee (A CLOCKWORK ORANGE) as a "critic of life." It showed on TCM today at 3pm EST and I caught it totally by accident. A more than interesting cast and movie with a literate script by R. Wright Campbell (who also wrote Corman's 1958 Z budgeted prehistoric epic TEENAGE CAVEMAN and appears in this film along with his real brother William).

Speaking of William Shatner: I wonder why they didn't write him (like Leonard Nimoy) into the new STAR TREK? I wonder how he REALLY feels about that? Also, considering the topic of this blog I thought of a quiz: In what movie does Shatner appear with a bunch of actors who also appeared in Jess Franco films? Name the actors and the JF films in which they appeared?

How's that for a pop-quiz on top of some self promotion?

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