17 April, 2009

Westerns... All'Italiana!

Tom Betts takes aim at the Eurowestern genre...
I am adding a permanent link on the sidebar to the excellent Eurowestern blog, WESTERNS...ALL'ITALIANA!, created and written by Tom Betts, the world class Eurowestern expert and Publisher-Editor of the essential Westerns...All Italiana! fanzine, the world's oldest zine dedicated to Eurowesterns, founded in 1982!
Tom's blog regularly features news about Eurowesterns past, present and future as well as technical details, full credits and synopses of the films. Rare artwork, photos, screen grabs are also included. Reviews of Eurowestern related CDs and other items also appear. Obits and birthdays of Eurowestern personnel and much, much more are featured. This blog is highly recommended to students/researchers/fans of Eurowesterns and European cinema

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Nzoog Wahlrfhehen said...

Great to see Betts back. I was missing the fatman site and becoming depressed at how sparse the board had become. Keep it up!

Robert Monell said...

Yes, it's an information-rich blog and he really knows what he's talking about.