23 April, 2009


I want to recommend two new excellent reviews by Nzoog of the rarely seen Eurowesterns YANKEE, directed by Tinto Brass, and Demofilo Fidani's Il suo nome era Pot...ma...lo chiamavano AllegriaIl suo nome era Pot...ma...lo chiamavano Allegria.
The reviews are up on www.cinemadrome.yuku.com EUROWESTERNS forum. There are now dozens of reviews by Nzoog and myself, some with posters, artwork and screengrabs. So when you have some time, check out the backlog. Even if you're not a big Eurowestern fan you might find some interesting information there.
A quick blog update. I'm preparing a special blog in the near future on my 10 FAVORITE KLAUS KINSKI CHARACTERS, including BLACK KILLER, also reviewed on the EUROWESTERN forum. Kinski is my favorite actor and it's a tough choice since there are so many outstanding Kinski performances.
And remember that May 12th is coming up! So prepare your Jess Franco birthday greetings or send them to my email so I can publish them on the Big Day.

Thanks to Nzoog for furnishing the screencap from YANKEE seen at the top of the blog.

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Douglas A. Waltz said...

Is there an address we can send Birthday greetings directly to Mr. Franco? Didn't know if you knew of one. Thanks Bob!

Robert Monell said...

I don't know his current add, Doug. I think he's in Madrid. Alex Mendibil may know.

Nzoog Wahlrfhehen said...

Thanks for the endorsement, Robert. By the way, what do Joaquín Romero-Marchent and Joe D'Amato have in common in relation to Klaus Kinski?

Robert Monell said...

Romero-Marchent and Joe D'Amato have in common in relation to Klaus Kinski?

Well, Kinski appeared in several D'Amato films... I'm not sure of Marchent.

Nzoog Wahlrfhehen said...

They both physically beat up Kinski!
Kinski was set to appear in a Romero Marchent film until the director got tired of him, decked him and fired him off the set. He replaced him with Antonio Molino Rojo, no comparison as an actor, but much more tractable.
Kinski appeared in a Fidani film with photography by D'Amato. Kinski was creating problems for Fidani and D'Amato intervened and slugged Kinski.
People wanting to physically punish Kinski were common. It seems that the natives in Herzog's Fitzcarraldo sympathised with the director's plight and asked Herzog if they wanted them to give him the rough treatment.
In the mid-eighties, Kinski came to Spain to do El caballero del dragón with Harvey Keitel. Reportedly, he created havoc on set and Keitel went over to the director, Fernando Colomo, offering to give Kinski a good beating.
Curiously, Kinski was reportedly no trouble at all with Jess Franco. And Terence Hill merely refers to him as a likeable bohemian.

Robert Monell said...

Interesting, I didn't know Marchent and D'Amato actually hit him! The Fidani film must have been FISTFUL OF DEATH, where KK plays Rev. Cotton.

Reportedly, he created havoc on set and Keitel went over to the director, Fernando Colomo,

Yes, I heard that KK physically attacked Colomo.

There's a video of KK sceaming and rushing at Antonio Margheriti on the set on of one AM's films. This is on the LE AMANTI DEL MOSTRO DVD, I believe.

Anonymous said...

Fidani and Kinski made two westerns together, Fistful of Death and Showdown For A Badman, which has Kinski in a bigger role. D'Amato photographed both.

What was the Joaquin Luis Romero Marchent film Kinski was supposed to appear in?

Anonymous said...

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