05 April, 2009


Check out one of the single DVDs first....

before you go with THE EROTIC WORLD OF JEAN-MARIE PALLARDY Halopark 5 DVD boxset.

Journal érotique d'une Thailandaise, Le (1980)
... aka Emanuele 3 (International: English title: dubbed version) (UK: DVD title)
... aka An Erotic Journal of a Lady from Thailand (International: English title: literal title)
... aka Carnal Times in Thailand (International: English title: informal alternative title)
... aka Carnet intime (France)
... aka Carnet intime d'une Thailandaise (France: X-rated version)
... aka Clitò petalo del sesso (Italy)
... aka Emmanuele 3
... aka Porno bordella (Italy: informal alternative title)
... aka Super porno bordella (Italy: informal alternative title)

Btw, there is no character in this version named "Emmanuelle"!

I've just made my way through this.  I'm hoping to see one of the MVD/Le Chat Qui Fume Pallardy DVDs now available for comparison. This DVD is one of five contained in THE EROTIC WORLD OF JEAN-MARIE PALLARDY boxset available from www.haloparkpictures.com. I found the set for under 60 dollars at a local CD outlet, but it's listed for up to $100 online and seems to be either sold out or about to on some online sources. The Le Chat Quui Fume/MVD Pallardys (EROTIC DIARY OF A LUMBERJACK; TRUCK STOP) have an interview with Pallardy and stills from his personal collection as extras. I'm not sure about the sources for those but a review I have read of one indicates it looks like it was mastered from a video.
The "plot" is a pretext for JM Pallardy's specialty, softcore sex-within-a-travelogue-with-some-Eurocrime-elements structure: Paul Vernon (Pallardy) is a Parisian photographer whose fashion photo shoots are excuses for him to get into the model's undergarments ... or whatever. That's the set up. Then he takes several of the models, including Eurotrash icon Brigitte Lahaie (FACELESS, FASCINATION) [billed as Brigitte Lahaye on the English language credits] to Bangkok where he ends up getting thrown out of Thailand because he takes a local massage parlor girl (Silvia Castell) out for the afternoon. They go sightseeing via pedicab, visiting the local zoo among other places. In between shots of crocodiles and more tourist footage Pallardy gets his butt kicked by the Thai mob for messing with the hooker.
That's the whole deal and it's not exactly a well-made film. It's more like a down-market imitation of the superior Joe D'Amato sex-in-the-tropics epics (cf EMMANUELLE IN BANGKOK) without the stylish photography. But Pallardy does have the good sense to employ D'Amato's sometime composer (EROTIC NIGHTS OF THE LIVING DEAD) Marcello Giombini, who provides a catchy score.
This is middle range Eurotrash, fun while watching, but not essential. Pallardy may be his own best asset in that he's an avuncular, attractive leading man, a bit ragged around the edges but likable enough. As both actor and director one could describe his style as both laid back and disheveled. It is probably not really fair to judge Pallardy's talents as a director by this admittedly compromised, abbreviated presentation.

Lahaie looks terrific both clothed and nude but is pretty much wasted here. Silvia Castell seems self conscious and is visibly uncomfortable on camera.  

Look out for Marilyn Jess and Mike Monty is small roles. The highlight for me was when the legendary Dick Randall (who co-produced) shows up as a horny, brothel-crawling (literally) tourist. He seems like an extension of his outrageous character in FOUR TIMES THAT NIGHT (1970) as he squirms around with half a dozen nude hookers (thankfully, he remains clothed!.
"Even more than went before...
more EROTIC!!!
more SENSUAL!!!
more EXCITING!!!
The Halopark box for this one doesn't specify "anamorphic" as does the box for the previously reviewed A CERTAIN WOMAN (1979), but it sure looks like another video sourced production, although with somewhat better video/audio quality, at least there aren't any dropouts! But there is a good amount of motion blurring and other artifacts.

This is the 73m softcore version [a hardcore reportedly runs around 90m] credited Larry Dolgin. English language only; 1.66:1; All Region. I had fun but can't recommend unless you can find a single REAL cheap.

A trailer for Pallardy's EMMANUELE GOES TO CANNES is included.

*It should be noted that there are at least two other films with the title EMMANUELE 3. Check out the listings on the IMDB.

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Anonymous said...

I believe GRAPES OF DEATH also credits Brigitte Lahaie as "Brigitte Lahaye".

Robert Monell said...

GRAPES OF DEATH also credits Brigitte Lahaie as "Brigitte Lahaye".

I think you are right about that. I have also seen her named spelled that way on other prints of some of her films. Thanks.