30 March, 2009


Are you in a Pamela Stanford state of mind?

Who is the woman behind the mask? Pamela as a double agent in BLUE RITA (1977).

Pamela and Lina Romay in Jess Franco's LES GRANDES EMMERDEUSES (1974)

Wow! I just got this reply from Kim to my June 3, 2007 blog: WHATEVER HAPPENED TO PAMELA STANFORD?

[Are you still looking for Pamela?
She is well and alive, and a friend of mine.
She is a wonderful person.
She has been asked to write about her life, and she's not sure.
Maybe you could convince her?
I hope we'll hear from you soon!

Thanks for your response, Kim. The answer to your first question is a big YES! I have been looking for Ms. Stanford for what seems like decades. It's wonderful to hear she is alive and well. I definitely think she should write a memoir of her experiences making 1970s European exploitation/Cult movies. There is a definite international audience base for this kind of book. She has loyal fans here in the US, in Europe and I'm sure in many other parts of the world, especially considering that her work has been distributed on various DVDs over the last decade.

It would be fascinating to hear her reflect on how these movies were made and her encounters with Jess Franco, Howard Vernon, Robert De Nesle, Lina Romay and the cult movie figures with whom she worked; what she thinking then and what are her thoughts now. What a typical workday was like on the sets of films like LORNA, THE EXORCIST, BLUE RITA, DIE TEUFLISCHEN SCHWESTERN, CANNIBAL TERROR.

I would love to be able to convince her to write a memoir or autobiography. There are many unanswered questions about her life before and after the bulk of her film work from the early 1970s to the early 1980s.

Needless to say, I was pleasantly surprised to see Kim's response in my inbox to an almost 2 year old blog!

Do readers of this blog feel the same way I do?

Kim, please email me at monell579@hotmail.com.


scott said...

LORNA is a running candidate for my favorite Franco movie of all... Pamela stanford might also be my favorite villain in a Franco movie too.

Marc said...

I'm always interested to hear about these people's experiences in European cult movies.

DocVoltage said...

Yes !

Cinebeats said...

I'd enjoy reading it! So many books about European actors and actresses, as well as filmmakers aren't available in English so if she does write a book I hope it gets released in the US.

scott said...

It's worth pointing out that if Stanford writes a memoir, she should use that name to write it under. This way Franco fans can find it and buy it. This is very important!!!

Buko-san said...

Wow ! What wonderful news ! I'd read anything she'd have to say. Hopefully, even a featurette with her on a LORNA DVD in the future. That would be the day.

Anonymous said...

Yes!! I LOVE Pamela Stanford, her work is really something. My friends who are also in film/acting really like her work too. Would definitely read ANY work she has published.
Agreeing with Scott i would have to say that it would be easier if written under her screen name.
Big, big favourite of mine. Fantastic. Would be a pleasure to read.
Karis x
Email: sugarnspicekaz@hotmail.com