24 March, 2009


One of the best Jess Franco films not available on DVD...

I recommend readers check out The Franco Lounge at THE LATARNIA FORUMS for some interesting information on the various 35mm and video versions of the 1973 film AL OTRO LADO DEL ESPEJO and its alternate French version, LE MIROIR OBSCENE (1974). The address of a possible rights holder has been posted.... hopefully the original 35mm elements still exist in superior condition and can eventually be part of a definitive DVD reconstruction.
I would like to see both versions presented on a double DVD with a commentary by actor Robert Woods, whom I interviewed a few years ago and has some fascinating stories to tell about the making of this film.
I always save a place on my 10 Best Jess Franco Films for AL OTRO LADO DEL ESPEJO, which I have still only seen via a dub of the Spanish FQ video. Screengrabs from that vintage vhs are also on the forum.  
I was wondering if any other readers have seen the Spanish version and are as anxious as I am to have an English friendly R1 DVD presentation from original elements.

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Brian D. Horrorwitz said...

I have only seen the xxx version in Italian language. To the best of my memory Lina Romay is featured in the x-rated inserts. I imagine the original soft version is probably more effective.

Robert Monell said...

AL OTRO LADO.. is a must-see, Brian. It's so much of a better film than the X alternates. Lina Romay isn't even in it and it's more of a psychological thriller with occult undertones. The X material destroys much of the film's impact and subtlety.

DocVoltage said...

Of course ANY Franco film deserves a legitimate DVD presentation...regardless of region, as long as it is multi-lingual-friendly.

I agree that the XXX inserts in many of Franco's films are harmful to the storytelling. EROTIKILL is another example of this.

Even worse are random Zombie inserts scenes filmed by French directors.

Buko-san said...

Just a little comment on Brian's thoughts: the XXX footage on the Italian print are inserts and are not with Romay and all. They are inserts added to the softcore french version which would explain why you would think Lina is in them if you haven't seen both versions.

There are missing scenes from the french version on the Italian print, but like I talked about on the Latarnia forum, the french version has a missing reel on VHS....

A DVD of both versions would be extraordinary (complete spanish & french versions).

Patrick (Bad Feeble on Latarnia)

Robert Monell said...

Thanks for the added info on the Italian hard version, I just got it in. I'll be reviewing it soon.