29 December, 2008

More Best DVD's of 2008

Enzo G. Castellari's 1978 war movie explodes across 3 discs from SEVERIN

Alice Arno becomes a victim of Soledad Miranda in EUGENIE DE SADE...

In my opinion, the best Jess Franco DVD of 2008 was Blue Underground's EUGENIE DE SADE, the essential 1970 Sade adaptation featuring the late Soledad Miranda's most memorable performance. Beside the much-appreciated French language option, it was also the longest version yet released on R1 DVD and was a superior transfer with excellent video/audio quality.

The best all around presentation of an obscure European genre film was Severin's 3 disc SE, THE INGLORIOUS BASTARDS. Not that the 1978 Enzo G. Castellari war movie was a lost masterwork but it's good fun and the fully loaded discs tell everything you ever wanted to know about low budget European genre filmmaking as it was experienced by the participants during that era.

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