11 December, 2008

Best Jess Franco DVD of 2008? Wanted for 2009?

I would like to hear from DVD collectors/fans/blog readers which 2008 DVD release they consider to be the best presentation of a Jess Franco film and what JF films would top want-lists for HD DVD release in 2009.

Disc releases in all regions can be considered for the 2008 choices.

Thanks for your interest and participation during 2008.

Robert Monell


Tobias Thuresson said...

Eugenie DeSade gets my vote. Besides that wonderful film, they´ve released mostly unwatchable films, from his less inspired era. Which is sad.

I´ve only bought DeSade, as I already own the others. And they´re simply too crappy to warrant an upgrade. Cannibals anyone? Garbage I say.

Anthony Thorne said...

I think EUGENIE DE SADE was one of the key releases, despite me already owning it in another substandard edition. BLOODY MOON is one I'm glad has finally come out properly but I'm yet to purchase it.

I'd be happy if titles like SINNER, LUCKY THE INSCRUTABLE and LORNA THE EXORCIST came out in proper versions, if not in the US then perhaps in English-friendly editions in Europe.

Felipe M. Guerra said...

I think is "The Devil Hunter/El Canibal", for the first time really uncut. The interview with Franco in this DVD is só funny!!! Waiting for "White Cannibal Queen" for 2009.

Anonymous said...

WHITE CANNIBAL QUEEN was already issued on a nice DVD by Blue Underground as CANNIBALS.

-- bruce holecheck

scott said...


after a lot of slagging on Blue Underground for releasing a ton of franco sans subtitle, they really stepped up to the plate on this. Maybe they heard the awful english dub of it and gave in? It might never happen again from that company, but they won my respect with that Franco release.

What i don't want in 2009? the same old things rehashed over and over. There 's enough Franco quality material with no release outside of grey market bootlegs. Maybe the Goya award will rattle some sense about!

The Headless Werewolf said...

As far as 2009 goes, I'd love to see some enterprising company release an "ultimate edition" of FEMALE VAMPIRE, with all its variant cuts.

Douglas A. Waltz said...

For 2009 I would like a four disc set of SADIST OF NOTRE DAME, EXORCISMand the hardcore variant of the two along with commentaryfor all three flicks and the fourth disc can be for a vast array of supplemental materials. Synapse already took care of thye Exorcism part now somebody else needs to step up to bat and take care of the rest.

Anthony Thorne said...

I would have agreed until I recently watched the X-rated EROTIKILL version of that film. Lots of close ups of oral sex where you can't quite tell if it's Ms Romay, and maybe (can't remember) one properly extended worthwhile scene of Lina writhing on a bed. I'd rather any such company just tackle one of the many other Jess/Lina films that haven't come out properly anywhere yet.

Robert Monell said...

think is "The Devil Hunter/El Canibal", for the first time really uncut. The interview with Franco in this DVD is só funny!!!

Interesting choice! This disc has gotten some flak but I applaud the facts that it is the longest possible version and even has a French language option with English subs.