13 October, 2008

CLAIRE: Joe D'Amato composite

Joe's back.... and up to his old tricks again!

I'm looking for some exact information on CLAIRE, a very obscure 1979 "composite" put together by Joe D'Amato, reportedly intended as a porn item which combined scenes from a Jess Franco film, a B Lahaie film and a D'Amato film into a new stand-alone feature. Credits from Franco's 1978 ELLES FONT TOUT, one of his last Robert De Nesle produced hardcores, are included.

Has anyone actually seen this? I'm wondering which D'Amato and Lahaie films were edited in with the Franco footage.

I would also be very interested in any information on where to find adverts/promotional material for this film. Thanks.


barb said...


I have got Jesus Franco - Quel Certo Sapore - Elles Font Tout (1978) old version if you want this movie I will give my download links

Robert Monell said...

Thanks for the offer Barb, I already have that one. I'm looking for a DVDR of the German version of Franco's DR MABUSE film though.