29 September, 2008


"Dave Tough" disguised as Joe D'Amato...

I'm looking for any type of graphics, adverts, stills, promotional material from Jess Franco's very obscure and difficult to see hardcore effort, DE SADE'S JULIETTE (1975), featuring Jess Franco historian {MANACOA FILES}, actor {TENDER FLESH}, and screenwriter PLAISIR A TROIS, Alain Petit. This French-Portugal co-production promptly sunk into oblivion after garnering abysmal reviews, including a stinging one from Franco friend-actor (FEMALE VAMPIRE) J.P Bouyxou in SEX STAR SYSTEM.

This was reportedly JF's first hardcore feature (shot as hc, rather than just a softcore with added hc inserts) and I know where the film resides now but I would like to see any original adverts for a special project and a possible future DVD release. Any help would be much appreciated. You can email me at monell579@hotmail.com or direct me through the comment area below.

Franco signed DE SADE'S JULIETTE as "Dave Tough", the only time he used that name (in homage to a favorite Jazz musician). Parts of this can be seen in the Joe D'Amato composite JUSTINE (1979), mixed in with footage from SHINING SEX and MIDNIGHT PARTY (both 1975). More about D'Amato's JUSTINE and other versions in a future blog.

Any information on graphic materials for D'Amato's JUSTINE would also be welcome. Thanks again for reading.

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Robert Monell said...


Hola Robert

My name is Astrum, and my blog over ‘Jess Franco’ is http://horroerotica.blogspot.com/

When I read your post in your blog of 29 September I thought say you what I has been doing a review of names of films ‘Justine’ and ‘Eugenie’ in my blog. If you want read this click the link above. If you think is interesting you have my permission for translate. Anyway I have the ‘Justine’ (1979) whit Alice Arno and Lina Romay, the image is very bad, but is a Jess’s film, and you know , for the fans, this is not important. If you want this DVD send me your address.

Sorry for my poor English filled of mistakes, but is my first year of learning a new language, I speak usually Catalan (of Barcelona language) and Spanish.

A10 AstrumX

Robert Monell said...

Thanks, Astrum. Welcome to the blog. I'll check out your site. Alice Arno is listed in the credits, but curiously enough doesn't appear in JUSTINE, the D'Amato version or Franco's original. There's another D'Amato Composite CLAIRE 1979 which also uses Jess Franco footage.

Keith said...

You've got a great blog. I've been reading it for awhile, but have never commented. I'm a big Franco fan. I'm adding your blog to the blog links of my latest blog Sugar & Spice. Take care. I plan to start commenting more. Have a great week.

Robert Monell said...

Thanks for your comments and the link, Keith. And welcome to the blog.