14 June, 2008

Jess Franco to discuss NECRONOMICON this Wednesday...

Lorna Green (Janine Reynaud) loves everything which reflects.... Lorna Green. See more of Lorna, maybe, in the promised 84m version of NECRONOMICON to be projected in 35mm this coming Wednesday at the Cinematheque Francaise. Jess Franco is scheduled to be in attendance. Of course, what will actually unspool all depends on what print they have in hand.

Mercredi 18 Juin 2008 - 20h00 - SALLE HENRI LANGLOIS - VASTF - 35mm

The Cinematheque Francaise Jess Franco Retrospective will commence in high style this coming Wednesday, June 18th with the director himself on hand [along with Lina Romay] to present and discuss a 35mm showing of his 1967 NECRONOMICON [US title: SUCCUBUS]. This is reportedly not the familiar 79m US cut, released by Blue Underground on DVD, but the longer 84m European [perhaps the German language] version.

A longer German version did play in the US in 1969 in New York City at the same time as the dubbed, shortened SUCCUBUS was getting good reviews from the likes of Vincent Canby in the NEW YORK TIMES.

I have some hope this longer version can eventually be released on R1 DVD, perhaps this event might enable that to happen.

I sure wish I could be there in Paris to see this showing and ask Jess what he recalls about the various versions of this legendary title.

In any case, it's a very appropriate way to begin such this exciting retrospective.

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