07 March, 2008


You just can't keep a good man down: frequent Jess Franco and Eurocine performer Olivier Mathot (left) aka Claude Plaut joins in the fun at a party in CECILIA. Plaut "directed" the French version, which means that he called the shots for the 15 minutes of extra footage which appears on the BU DVD presentation. Another frequent Jess Franco performer, Pierre Taylou (EXORCISM) is seen at the right.

One of a constant flow of Juan Cozar's lush compositions which capture the gorgeous locations near Sintra, Portugal. This minor softcore programmer is nonetheless a visual feast.

Una Mujer Casada/Cecilia/Emma Fargas, depending on what version you see, played by the luminous Muriel Montossey aka Victoria Adams [a lot of names to remember!] seen in a typical Franco rack focus shot.

Two years before the mast? No, it was two years after the 1980 Spanish financed ABERACCIONES SEXUALES DE UNA MUJUER CASADA that Eurocine turned it into CECILIA, "directed" by Claude Plaut (seen at the top of the blog). Franco's name as it appears in the new BU DVD presentation. This is certainly the best ever DVD presentation of what is known as a "Eurocine composite."

Thanks to Eric Cotenas for the screengrabs, more of which will be appearing over at THE WORLD OF JESS FRANCO folder on CINEMADROME soon

(C) Robert Monell, 2008.

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