13 February, 2008


Producer Kike Mesa (left) has made a documentary on the life of Jess Franco [MANERA DE VIVIR-2007] and will produce his next film.

The Latarnia Forum's Franco Lounge and the Spanish Bloody Planet site have both published information and provided this link www.malagahoy.es/article/...langa.html concerning a film project which Jess Franco will reportedly be directing later this year, LOS CASPOSOS. The article brings up a number of questions. Will this be shot on film or will it be another shot on Hi-Def video project? This is being described as a comedy and will feature SNAKEWOMAN's Fata Morgana. Shooting is planned to commence this September in Malaga, Spain. A release is planned for sometime in 2009. The story is about of group of "losers" and it is planned to be in the style of former Jess Franco colleague, Luis Garcia Berlanga, who produced Franco's debut feature TENEMOS 18 ANOS in 1959 and was a popular director of Spanish comedies.

The site also states that Franco has completed LA CRIPTA DE LA MUJERES MALDITAS. It sounds like a horror film. Could this be LA CASA ENCIMA DEL CEMENTERIO which he apparently shot back-to-back with SNAKEWOMAN and was supposed to be based on a Nathaniel Hawthorne story? Or is it a different project? If it isn't, then what happened to LA CASA...? I spoke with Jess just before he began filming it and he was very enthusiastic, describing it as a "surreal" tale which would move freely through time and space. So, we seem to have at least three (and maybe four) new Jess Franco-related films in the pipeline.

Exactly when MANERA DE VIVIR and these other two titles will be available on Spanish or US home video is another question.


Anonymous said...

I love Jess' work, and had the pleasure of meeting him. Have a look at www.naturemortemovie.com, the movie is available at Amazon (UK and US) and other usual retailers, Jess described the movie as "insane and beautiful", and Bloody Disgusting (http://www.bloody-disgusting.com/review/2201) claims that "Burrows art is a retro-masterpiece hung proudly on the cinematic walls of Jean Rollin and Jess Franco. "
I watched it, I loved it.

Harry said...

From Ándale Films, placed in Málaga (Spain), we are interested in contacting as many people as possible about the new film proyect of our great independient film director Jess Franco, called “El Caso de la Guiri asustada”(The Scared Foreigner’s Case).

Jesus Franco is an inexhaustible Director, he has been able to roll over 200 films, overcoming obstacles and enemies every time, they have been since Franco's censors to the continuing crisis in the film industry.

The obstinate director wants to keep film-making , knowing he still has much to offer its viewers.

The current economy in general, and the audiovisual industry in particular, makes it almost impossible for development projects which are not supported by large media groups.

Because of that, we’ve organized ourselves as follows:

In 1969 the output of one of the pass of "Easy Rider" at the Cannes Film Festival, one of the spectators who had not recognized Denis Hooper said:

"Oh crap: the story of two doodles, played by two mounted doodles on a motorcycle. What will be done this mess? "

- Yellow motorcycle's rider - Dennis Hopper Said.

Hooper won the award for best direction nobel in that edition.

The Yellow Motorcycle is an initiative that look for an alternative way of making films.

Caught up in the rebellion of Jesus Franco, a group of photography professionals, we have created a cooperative film, intending to give continuity to the cinematography of this tireless director. Why?, Because we like to live film-making and what better adventure film than a film Uncle Jess.

The basic logistics of production and technical team and post-production will be provided by Andale Audiovisuales, and part of the basic funding for the costs of this film is to be achieved by selling shares in co-production, be able to sell 100 shares in co at a price of 90 euros.

The holders of those certificateds will receive:

- Personalised and numbered certificated and co-producer signed by Jesús Franco.

- Copy of the original script with marginal notes by Jesús Franco.

- Special edition DVD of the film, signed by the director, making of and interviews, as well as being included in the credits of the film and be invited to the official release with team members.

All information you’ll need for posible cooperation at : www.galeon.hispavista.com/lamotoamarilla

We hope this proyect arouses your interest and encourages you to participate in this “Uncle Jess” special film.

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David Sarmiento - La Moto Amarilla - Ándale Films