24 February, 2008


The colorful array of images seen above are from Jean Rollin's JEUNES FILLES IMPUDIQUES (1973), a pseudonymous "roughie" crime film he directed under the name Michel Gentil appeared on US DVD last year as part of THE GRINDHOUSE EXPERIENCE 20 movie-multiple DVD set. Images from more Rollin films can be see on our new sidebar slideshow. [Thanks to Adam Williams]

New Videos: Please go to our sidebar at left and page down to view four new videos from You Tube re Alain Robbe-Grillet: 3 interviews and a short film. Our special coverage of the legacy of Robbe-Grillet in the wake of his Feb. 18th passing will continue with more reviews and information on his films, videos and literary works both here and on my CINEMADROME message board [see link at top left of sidebar].

Also added, two new slideshows: the aforementioned tribute to Jean Rollin and an homage to the late actor-director Ray Danton, with images from his 1973 Spanish-Turkish lensed vampire movie CRYPT OF THE LIVING DEAD and the Jess Franco-directed LUCKY, THE INSCRUTABLE...

Robert Monell


cinebeats said...

I really wish those video interviews with Alain Robbe-Grillet had subtitles. My understanding of French is basically non-existent I'm afraid.

And thanks for sharing those images from the Rollin film. I've never seen it but it's looks really interesting!

Robert Monell said...

Those images are from several Rollin films, Cinebeats: LA ROSE DE FER, LEVRES DE SANG and THE NUDE VAMPIRE, all HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Very late 60s-early 70s psychedilic/surrealist style.