03 October, 2007


Eye catching vintage Yugoslav poster for the 1966 Eurospy obscurity A.D. 3 OPERAZIONE SQUALO BIANCO, featuring the legendary Jess Franco actress Janine Reynaud (SUCCUBUS/NECRONOMICON; SADISTEROTICA; KISS ME, MONSTER) and Rodd Dana.
I had the pleasure of speaking with Rodd a few years ago about his very interesting career as an actor and, more recently, a writer. He has published several books on his evolution from Eurogenre actor to metaphysical searcher. I would like to publish some of his comments here. But I would first like to see OPERATION WHITE SHARK to review along with his remarks on its making, the director Filippo Walter Ratti and the elusive Ms. Reynaud. If anyone has a copy they can dupe I will be glad to trade anything from my very eclectic cult movie collection on tape and DVD. Please contact me via my email at the top of the blog.
(C) Robert Monell, 2007

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