08 September, 2007


Who is he? What Jess Franco film did he appear in? In which Eurowestern did he play a character who gets killed by William Shatner? What Spanish horror film is this image from?

Hint: he could be called the Spanish equivalent of Alan Collins/Luciano Pigozzi.

The first person who answers all four questions correctly gets a certificate stating he/she is a Level One Jess Franco-Eurowestern-Spanish Horror Scholar. The certificate will be presented by the ghost of Howard Vernon this coming Halloween!


Chuck V. said...

in order:

Víctor Israel

Ciudad Baja (Downtown Heat)

Comanche blanco

El Monte de las brujas

You made this one too easy. Or you're being too clever.

Robert Monell said...

Correct on all four, Chuck. I've got some much harder ones coming up, so stay tuned! And keep a look out for the ghost of Uncle Howard...

Anonymous said...

Víctor Israel