24 September, 2007

Bunuel Blog-a-Thon

A Luis Bunuel Blog-a-Thon starts today sponsored by www.flickhead.net ... Bunuel (1900-1983) is the great Spanish Surrealist director of UN CHIEN ANDALOU, LOS OLVIDADOS, VIRIDIANA, BELLE DE JOUR and many other acknowledged film classics. There's more than a National connection with the equally anarchic Spaniard, Jess Franco. In the early 1970s Bunuel and Franco were named by the Vatican as the two most dangerous directors for Catholics!
I'm going to try to put up a blog on some of Bunuel's Mexican ventures as my contribution.


scott said...

I really enjoy Bunuel's mexican period alot, seems that era always get overlooked. have you seen MEXICAN BUS RIDE? or NAZARIN???

Robert Monell said...

I do too, Scott. Some critics used to call them his "bad" films, but at least one, LOS OLVIDADOS, was a masterwork. I love Mexican Busride and showed it at a college film series I programmed back in the early 70s. I later got to meet Nicholas Ray and mentioned the film, he also was a big fan of it. I like the peasant quality and the simplicity which isn't really simple at all. And it's a hoot.