06 July, 2007


I highly recommend "Clifford Brown's" ZINES blog, which since October 2006 has been publishing rare images of covers, photo layouts, articles and interviews from such legendary specialty/cult/fantastique zines as SEX STARS SYSTEM and MIDI-MINUIT FANTASTIQUE.
An interview with one of our favorite obscure 1970's Eurotrash actresses, Pamela Stanford. appears in the most recent blog, featuring the interview text from EUROSCORE #3, 1975.
The issue of MIDI-MINUIT FANTASTIQUE in the above image contains an interview with my own favorite Italian director, the late Riccardo Freda. My 1997 ETC SE #2 career monograph on Freda is still the longest and most in-depth English language study of this often underrated director and I hope to expand it into a book when I complete my present longstanding project on another European director.
There is also a blog on a special issue of SEX STARS SYSTEM devoted to Jess Franco, complete with an interview and salacious photo layouts from LES DEMONS and other titles.
There are also blogs with issues of these magazines containing interviews with/articles on Christopher Lee, Terence Fisher, Jean Rollin, Alice Arno among others.
I had never seen an issue of any of these magazines until coming upon this blog....

Keep up the good work, Clifford!
(C) Robert Monell, 2007


Anonymous said...

from Masayuki Kino in Japan

Oh! It is a great blog.
Thank you for your information.
I have some of SEX STARS SYSTEM.
But I can not understand French texts on the magazine.
Please tell me the content of the magazine.

And have you read French magazine[VAMPIRELLA]?
This magazine of 70's had often featured the interview with Jess.
I had my friend translate it into Japanese. And I inserted the matter into my Jess book.
I want to introduce the contents to you. However, I cannot do it for my poor English.
I think, Tania Busselier had joined to the crew of this magazine in 70's.

Best regards

Anonymous said...

Hi, Bob!
Now I found another website of SEX STARS SYSTEM.
It is the following URL.

Robert Monell said...

Masayuki, the P Stanford issue has her talking about her image, her favorite actresses and projects. I can scan French texts and get the gist of it but also miss many details. I understand some phrases, words, sentences, but not others. I haven't seen VAMPIRELLA issues. I'd like to hear about theat JF interview. I didn't know Tania B. worked on it.

Anon: thanks for the link.I'll check it out.

These publications were the ancestors and maybe inspiration for more recent US zines like EUROPEAN TRASH CINEMA and VIDEO WATCHDOG.

tubbytoast said...

"Sex Star System" is one of the best magazine of the 70's erotic/pornographic cinema. It was created by Jean-pierre Bouyxou who later will manage another great magazine, "Fascination" .
18 issues for "SSS" you can easily find on Ebay.

Tom Mather said...

Pamela Stanford says in her interview that it is not her real name and also mentions working with Lelouch. The filmography lists a Jean-Pierre Melville film among others.

These "respectable" entries aren't listed on the imdb, which isn't always accurate. Was she just working as an extra, or under different names, or looking to embellish her cv? What is her real name anyway?

Robert Monell said...

Thanks for the information that JP Bouyxou created SSS, Tubbytoast. I didn't know that. I wish I had a better understanding of French.

Tom, I was also surprised to see that she was in UN FLIC. I have that on DVD and I'll rewatch it to look for her. I'm wondering if she' still with us. Her rn according to OBSESSION is Monique Delaunay and her last role for JF was as "Elizabeth Taylor" in WHITE CANNIBAL QUEEN/CANNIBALS, which is coming up on US DVD.

Anonymous said...

from Masayuki Kino in Japan
Thank you for kindness words.

Pamela's real name is Monique Delaunay on according to MANACOA FILES,too.
She had appeared in Melville's [UN FLIC] and John Frankenheimer'S [STORY OF A LOVE STORY].
A screen name [Pamela] had been named by Nesle.

about VAMPIRELLA issues,
There was the following contents on interview with Jess.
Jess's thought of Jazz player Clifford Brown or J.P.Johnson
the origin of [MANACOA] and [ORLOFF]
The working episode about Nesle.

By the way,
My best interview with Jess is Kevin Collin's [EUROPEAN TRASH CINEMA SPECIAL #1] and [LINA ROMAY FILES].

Best regards

Robert Monell said...

Thanks again, Masayuki, for all the information. What exactly did Jess say about working with R.deNesle? Not much is known about him. Thanks.

Clifford Brown said...

Thanks a lot for sending me some visitors Robert!

There's also another Pamela Stanford interview in Sex Stars System #12 (the one with Edwige Fenech on the cover) but sadly I don't have this issue so I can't scan it.

Sorry for my bad english!

Robert Monell said...

Welcome to the blog, Clifford. And thank you for posting all those classic zine covers, layouts and interviews. Do you know what happened to Pamela Stanford since 1980?

Anonymous said...

from Masayuki Kino in Japan

Good morning, Bob!
Now it is 10:00AM in Japan.

Your blog became certainly international now.
A lot of French and Japanese and American is taking part in your community space now!
It is very wonderful.

The following words is The working episode about Nesle on VAMPIRELLA.
But I cannot write long English texts for my poor English.

Jess had spoken Nesle has the bad taste typical of the nouveau riche. But Jess get on along well with Nesle. In those days, Jess wanted to do a totally new trial. He wanted to reduce conventional approach. It seems Jess was not satisfied with the working of Harry Alan Towers. Nesle agree with Jess's idea.
[Dracula contra Frankenstein] is Euro comic World and homage to James Whale. Jess expressed these idea by silent!
[Fille de Dracula] is taste of Peeping Tom.
And Jess had spoken he shot my best title in those days. It is [Al otro lado del espejo].

Sorry for my poor English.

Robert Monell said...

Yes, I'm very pleased at the international participation here. And my statistics show we've also had recent visits from Hanoi, Chile, South Africa, Iceland and South Korea.

Thanks for the synopsis of the JF interview. It seems he had a rather complex relationship with De Nesle, and it's interesting that he compares it with his Towers films, most of which I do not like as much as his following films. The PEEPING TOM reference is interesting, if he's referring to the Michael Powell film.

scott said...

fascinating reading..maybe someday pamela stanford will resurface! ...at least for an interview!

Robert Monell said...

She seemed to be talented at both comedy and drama. I had heard she disappeared into the world of hardcore.