26 July, 2007

Whatever Happened to Martine Stedil?

Martine Stedil lights Lina's fire in Jess Franco's Z grade subterranean WIP production, WOMEN BEHIND BARS (1975). Isn't it illegal to smoke in prison?

One of our blog readers has sent in a question concerning the fate of catwoman Martine Stedil. I'm not sure what became of her. Can anyone offer clues? Thanks to Tobias for asking.

"Hi Robert!

I´m a reader of your excellent blog "I´m In A Jess Franco State Of Mind". Keep up the good work. Anyway... I have a question to which I hope you have the answer.

Martine Stedil made a short but bewitching stint in Jess Franco´s filmography. What happened to this gorgeous woman? Did she retire after Doriana Grey or did she venture into hardcore pornography (considering the scenes in Doriana Grey) ? Any info you might have on this awesome creature would be greatly appreciated.



7/26/26 from EMAIL.


Douglas Alan Waltz said...

You know, I noticed this happens a lot in Franco flicks. I was always enamored with Christina VonBlanc from A Virgin Among The Living Dead and she only made a couple of flicks. Of course Jess told me what happened to her. She married a nice German film producer and lives a life of luxury. Good for her, bad for us.

Robert Monell said...

THANKS for the CVB info, Doug. She is also in 1971's THE ETRUSCAN KILLS AGAIN, in a minor, but erotic role. A film worth seeing, btw.

scott said...

Stedil and Von Blanc were great for Franco's work. I too wondered what happened to them.

Anonymous said...

Any update to the status of Stedil ? Is she alive ? May be Franco may know.... :(