03 June, 2007


[aka Monique Delaunay]
Just want to know... HAVE to know!
That woman was an ACTRESS! She's quite terrifying in LORNA, THE EXORCIST (1974) and quite charming in LES EMMERDEUSES (1974). But whatever became of her? Someone should start a fanclub!
She was quite sexy and could get down and very dirty or go for elegance and classs. She was by definition an all purpose erotic fantasy. She appeared in a number of Jess Franco films from 1973 to 1980. Her role as "Elizabeth Taylor" in MONDO CANNIBALE, where she gets eaten alive by the titular flesh eaters, was her last appearance in a Franco film. She did go on to make the even sleazier and grosser CANNIBAL TERROR! [Julio Perez Taberno 1981), a bottom feeding Eurocine effort which is just about unwatchable.
Whatever happened to Pamela Stanford?


scott said...

I so agree.. she had to have been one of the better actresses Franco had. The role in Lorna blows me away. Watching her smile at Guy Delorme in the car ride as he just looks at her in disgust, really a great subtle scene.

I've not seen LES EMMERDEUSES at all so I can't comment on that one.

Robert Monell said...

Yes, that's an amazing scene with the camera angles, her groteque makeup and that sinister guitar music and Howard Vernon driving! BTW, I just found out that Guy Delorme died last year. He was a very good actor, especially in LORNA. LES EMMERDEUSES is a light comedy [softcore] in which her and LR are a pair of con artists. It's kind of like a more explicit version of KISS ME MONSTER, etc.

tubbytoast said...

Cannibal terror was shot by a french guy named Alain Thierry (alias Alain Deruelle) who has directed great porn films in the 70's.
You will find an interview of this nice guy in the latest issue of the french fanzine "trash times".
The name Tabernero was used by the boss of Eurociné.

Robert Monell said...

Welcome to the Franco blog, Tubbytoast. Thanks for the information. I'd like to get some quotes from this interview if you can translate to publish here for English readers.

kim said...

Are you still looking for Pamela?
She is well and alive, and a friend of mine.
She is a wonderful person.
She has been asked to write about her life, and she's not sure.
Maybe you could convince her?
I hope we'll hear from you soon!

Robert Monell said...

Are you still looking for Pamela?

YES! I will be looking for Pamela for the rest of my life! I would be great if I could contact her. And I think she should DEFINITELY write a memoir of her experiences in 1970s European exploitation/Cult films.

Please email me at monell579@hotmail.com.


Anonymous said...

Id definitely be up for a Pamela Stanford fan club
Sugar x