30 June, 2007

New Spanish Jess Franco DVD's released

Thanks to M. Kino's wonderful Japanese Jess Franco site for this information and these images.
The noted release date was June 27. 2007. These mid 1980s films were MANACOA productions along with the third DVD release, the Edgar Wallace adaptation VIAJE A BANGKOK, ATAUD INCLUIDO (featuring Howard Vernon). I'll be putting that cover up in a Edgar Wallace related blog soon. This is all the information I have on these new discs at this point.
They are being distributed by FILMAX. If anyone has any further information on video quality, specs, extras, etc please comment below or email me.
JUEGO SUCIO... is especially worth seeing. It's a very moody, stylish neo noir featuring one of the late William Berger's best performances.
Visit M. Kino's essential Jess Franco site:http://hmkino.ld.infoseek.co.jp/franco-home.htm




Anonymous said...

from Masayuki Kino in Japan

Thank you for introduce my website.
I think, Manacoa's titles is hommage for Hollywood classics.
Is it misunderstanding?
I can not show Hollywood titles accurately.

IS COBRA SPY is my favorite of Manacoa term.
In the film, Analya Ivars is appear. She had played a sexy spy in a bikini!
But I only watch by boot VHS. So I am brimming with joy by this releasing.

80's Blondie Lina is very nice and also comical.
She had played Hardcore, comedienne, psychopass, etc...
She is just actress!

Sorry for my poor English.
English is very hard for me!

Best regards

Robert Monell said...

Good evening, Masayuki. At least it's evening here in New York. I've just finished watching DESADE 70! Manacoa Films is Franco's production company, so he would be the producer. The name Manacoa reseonates throughout his career, THE MANACOA FILES by Alain Petit, "It's sunny in Manacoa" is a line in KISS ME KILLER. I would like to know about the quality of these DVDs, extras, etc.

Nzoog Wahrlfhehen said...

Have just bought CASABLANCA. This being a Filmax release, expecting much is an invitation for the Filmax people and others to have a good laugh at one's expense. Extras in a Filmax, or language options, or subtitles, or enhancement, is something best left to prospectors. As fr video quality? Well, this one has the narrowish ratio of 1.78, so it suffers less than others. I've just been able to see the first ten minites or so, and I must say it's a good enough video job, even if the colours (I suspect) are slightly less vivid than expected.

Robert Monell said...

Thanks for your report, Nzoog. So there's no extras in terms of language options, subtitles, or anything. At least it's letterboxed. How is the video quality exactly? Is it from a film source or is it just VHS quality? I wondered if they just put the Spanish video onto DVD.

Nzoog Wahrlfhehen said...

No, it's from an actual print. It's Filmax at its best, which isn't that much but...I've posted a link with captures at Latarnia. (Dunno how to do that here)

Anonymous said...

from Masayuki Kino

Thanks Nzoog and Bob for your informations!
I had only saw these films by boot.
At least, Filmax DVD titles quality is better than boot VHS?
So I will get these DVD.

Best regards
from Masayuki Kino
in Japan

Robert Monell said...

Thanks, Nzoog. Are BESAME MONSTRUO and BAHIA ESMERALDA also released now? What is their aspect ratio. If you have any screenshots you can email them to me and I can post them here. Thanks.

JUEGO SUCIO looks like good video quality from the shots on BLOODY PLANET.