24 June, 2007

Jean Pierre Bouyxou Online!

I've always been a great admirer of the pioneering French film historian, critic, filmmaker and sometimes Jess Franco actor, Jean Pierre Bouyxou. I was watching him closely in FEMALE VAMPIRE [LA COMTESSE NOIRE] last night as the blind Dr. Orlof and was struck by how much elan his mysterious, imposing presence added to the film.

He can be seen and heard online in these videos discussing his career:
artsfilm & tv
Duration: 09:24Taken: 13 April 2007Location: Paris, France
Jean-Pierre nous parle des années 60 et du caractère sulfureux du cinéma fantastique, mais aussi de Guy Debord...

Check out his page where you find his bio, filmography and links:


mike said...

I'm a big fan of Bouyxou; I've only managed to track down two of his films (Satan Bouche Un Coin and Entrez Vite Vite...!) but they're pretty amazing, and his work in Franco's (and others) films is pretty great too. I wish more of his writing would be available in English, and I'd really really like to see more of his films! I reviewed Satan Bouche un Coin on my blog if you're interested:

Robert Monell said...

Very good review and I really like your blog, Mike. I haven't seen any of his films but would like to. If you are interesting in trading for a copy of the one you have, please email me at the above address. Thanks again.

Robert Monell said...

By "his films" I meant the ones he's directed, which are apparently in the experiemental/erotic genre. I have seen him act in Rollin's RAISINS DE LA MORT, SIDEWALKS OF BANGKOK, LIVING DEAD GIRL, DEMONIACS, and Franco's LA COMTESSE NOIRE. He seems to look significantly different in every film he's in and I still uncertain what role he plays in SIDEWALKS OF BANGKOK, for instance.

tubbytoast said...

"Satan bouche un coin" was released in France on DVD (2 editions as I know).
You can purchase it on the french label called "Sordide Sentimental" (with a Genesis P.Orridge show).
JP Bouyxou has directed 2 porn movies on 35mm during the 70's. One was shot in one day on the set of a Jean Rollin movie and the second was a bit amateurish with a professionnal cast.
These movies were released only on VHS in France.

Robert Monell said...

Thanks for the French release information, Tubbytoast. I am not aware of any N American video or DVD presentations of his films. It would be good to have some shorts from the school of Bouyxou, Lethem, etc. on DVD with language options.