08 March, 2007


Check out Mirek Lipinski's newly revamped Mexican Fantastique blog, VAMPIROS AND MONSTRUOS. Mirek is a world class expert on Mexican horror/fantastic cinema.

The colorfully illustrated blog has accurate information on new Mexican horror DVDs along with compelling reflections on the films themselves.

Mirek has written a book of the same title which will be a comprehensive study of 20th Century Mexican Fantastic cinema. I am proud to be a contributor to this eagerly awaited and much needed tome. Other contributors include Mark Barnard, Gary L. Prange and Richard Harland Smith. And, of course, Mexican horror cinema has a fascinating, interactive relationship with the career and films of Jess Franco, a relationship we shall explore in future blogs. In the meantime, try a double bill of the CasaNegra DVD THE WITCH'S MIRROR and THE AWFUL DR. ORLOFF.

VAMPIROS AND MONSTRUOS: THE MEXICAN HORROR FILM OF THE 20TH CENTURY should be published sometime this summer according to the update.

It will be a must-have for all fans of Mexi-horror and those who want to learn more about the subject.


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