20 February, 2007


Francesco Cesari sends this image of Lina Romay and Martine Stedil sneaking a smoke in the slammer. Note that the set looks like a parking lot surrounded by a typical stockade fence! Typical mid 70s JF mise en scene. From the DVD of the 1975 Z grade WIP DES DIAMANTS POUR L'ENFER [yes, that's the film Franco made in secret while filming BARBED WIRE DOLLS, even the actors didn't know what was going on!}. This film is known as WOMEN BEHIND BARS in its English language version. It's very amusing and one of my favorite JF WIPs.

Francesco comments: "This is a film about smoking girls!"

Indeed it is. Thanks, Francesco.

And look out for the guards, girls!


ID said...

Here in Spain "smoking girl" is euphemism for "whores".

Great job this blog!

Robert Monell said...

Interesting, thanks for that cultural note. I think Franco often fills his films with these kind of puns and secret codes. Welcome to the blog and thanks for your comment.

JohnBraun said...

82bZYV write more, thanks.