21 February, 2007

Meet Agent 069!

At least that's what he was called in the French dubbing of one of JF's Eurospy adventures. The above actor played the agent after playing a important role in one of Franco's previous films. This actor turned 86 yesterday, so this is a belated birthday quiz.

Who is this actor and what are the films in question?


Mirek said...
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Mirek said...

Oh, and he played Agent 069 in La muerte silba un blues, and Inspector Tanner in Gritos en la noche.

Mirek said...

That's Inspector Tanner!

(Conrado San Martin)

Happy Birthday!

Robert Monell said...

That's correct! He's called Agent 077 on the actual main title of the French print OPERATION JAMAQUIE: 077 but 069 in the dialogue, after Franco's original Spanish language joke. And he was still appearing in Spanish horror films in the late 1980s.