06 January, 2007

Favorite Jess Franco Video Box Art

We're not talking DVD cover art here, but considering the vintage video box art which decorated the first Jess Franco home video releases in the US. Companies like Force, Wizard, etc. started releasing obscure Euro Trash/Genre titles in the 1980s. Now, in our DVD age, these covers have become increasingly hard to find and are often auctioned on ebay, fetching pricey bids. They are definitely collector's items. I managed to save a few boxed prerecords, but others got damaged, lost, trashed. I especially prize the oversized boxes from WIZARD VIDEO.

The best of these were over-the-top collages of outre horror & erotic elements which sometimes captured the mood and look of the film surprisingly well. Sometimes, especially on the WIZARD VIDEO oversized boxes, there would be stills on the back along with credits which were actually from another film which WIZARD also had out in an oversized box edition! If I remember correctly spurious back-of-the-box info showed up on the WIZARD releases of VIRGIN AMONG THE LIVING DEAD and THE INVISIBLE DEAD, to name a few. Somehow, this was all part of the fun of these.

So, what are your favorite video box covers from that era? One of mine is at the top of this blog... You can post your favorites on the comments below or if you email your votes with an image of a cover I will do a separate blog with your choices.

(c) Robert Monell, 2007.


Douglas A. Waltz said...

Hey Dave!
I have the big box video of this one :0)

Robert Monell said...

I never had this one, just remembered the box from old video stores!