21 December, 2006

Lorenzo Robledo: 1921-2006

He appears as an agent interrogating one of the ROBOTS in Jess Franco's CARTES SUR TABLE (1966); this busy Spanish actor (over 80 films) also had a role in the 1960 JF Musical THE QUEEN OF THE TABARIN CLUB. You will probably immediately recognize him as as the blond haired pistolero who got shot by Clint after he laughed at his mule in FISTFUL OF DOLLARS 1964). This scene appeared in many international trailers for the epoch making Sergio Leone film.

He went onto appear in bit roles in numerous other Spaghetti westerns. He also played the Doctor who treats Emma Cohen in Leon Klimovsky's NIGHT OF THE WALKING DEAD. He's not credited in many of his SW roles but he seems omnipresent in the genre. Thanks to Carlos for informing the world of his death. UPDATE: According to the Spaghetti Western board he died last September in Madrid, but it was not reported by the press there at the time because they generally do not provide obituaries on lower level actors.

Thanks to Carlos Aguilar, Dan Van Husen, Tom Betts and the Spaghetti Western Board.

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