12 December, 2006

Favorite Franco Scenes: FRANCESCO CESARI

Hi Robert,

here are my favorite scenes in chronological order.

Most of them are musical scenes, since I think Franco is both a filmmaker and a musician. He is really great when can make us listening his images.

LA MANO DE UN HOMBRE MUERTO (THE SADISTIC BARON VON KLAUS): like Tim, the last sadistierotic murder.
99 WOMEN: Zoe's (Rosalba Neri) show at the lesbian club.
VENUS IN FURS, the scene between Maria Rohm and Dennis Price.
EUGENIE THE STORY OF HER JOURNEY INTO PERVERSION: the final scene, from Eugenie's escape among the sand dunes.
EUGENIE DE SADE: the book-signig party.
A VIRGIN AMONG THE LIVING DEAD: the final dream/death scene at the lake.
LA FILLE DE DRACULA, both the lesbian scenes between Britt and Anne.
AL OTRO LADO DEL ESPEJO: the final scene, the image of Ana falling on the flight of steps, shown again and again, the tragical rotation of her bust may be the highest moment in the whole Franco filmography.
LA COMTESSE NOIRE: Irina's death and reappearance among the woods.
LES POSSEDEES DU DIABLE/LORNA: Lorna and Patrick walking near the casino, in my view the best JF shots ever.
DES DIAMANTS POUR L'ENFER (WOMEN BEHIND BARS): the prisoners skoking and talking in the court-yard, a great example of Franco's typical cocktail of minimalistic reality and metaphisics.
BLUE RITA: the lesbian trio shot from behind the aquarium.
EUGENIE HISTORIA DE UNA PERVERSION: the long scene of Eugenie's sexual initiation, ending with the blind guitarist playing near the sea, in my view the best Franco scene ever.
MACUMBA SEXUAL: Jess Franco talking with his "little friends" (little embalmed monsters)
GEMIDOS DE PLACER: the beginning of the film: the moronic guitarist.... the long piano sequences....
MIL SEXOS TIENE LA NOCHE: the silent drug-party, another absolute highlight.
MIL SEXOS TIENE LA NOCHE: the love & death scene between Lina and José Llamas. This is very similar to the scene between Rohm and Price in Venus in Furs but I think it's even more powerful and fascinating.
LA MANSION DE LOS MUERTOS VIVIENTES: the two scenes with Eva Leon, the enchained wife.
EN BUSCA DEL DRAGON DORADO: JF cameo as "el viejo Chan", the blind seer.
TENDER FLESH: the sexy-show with the two paper-pulp giants.
TENDER FLESH: the sequence with digital scomposed image after the scene in which Amber Newman is whipped.
MARI-COOKIE AND THE KILLER TARANTULA: the final part of the film, in Mari-Cookie's hole/house.
VAMPIRE BLUES: the beginning of the film (about 10 minutes long opening credits sequence).
BROKEN DOLLS: Don Martin killing the lovers and committing suicide by submerging himself in the sea.
VAMPIRE JUNCTION: the opening credit sequence.
SNAKEWOMAN: the birds....

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