16 December, 2006

10 Best Lists: Masayuki Kino

My BEST list:

I like Jess Franco's approach of depaysement effect and inorganic taste.
It was particularly supposed for the beginning of 70's CFFP period.

Christina, princesse de l'érotisme
Al otro lado del espejo
Les Gloutonnes
Les Possédées du diable
Shining Sex
La Fille de Dracula
The Sinister Dr. Orloff
Mil sexos tiene la noche

My Franco's actress Best is the following titles.

Lina Romay Best is
Is Cobra a Spy?

Best of Anne Libert & Montserrat Prous is
Robinson und seine wilden Sklavinnen
Diary of a Nymphomaniac
Maison du vice

Best regards
from Masayuki Kino
in Japan

[What an interesting list, Masayuki! You and I are on the same page concerning the early 1970s CFFP period. Jess also told me that this is his favorite period of his career in terms of being busy with cinema experimentation. I'm also interested that you include SHINING SEX and MAISON DU VICE on your lists, I think they are both fascinating excursions to lower dimesions of genre.....or what we call reality. RM]

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