28 October, 2006


Bruno Nicolai is perhaps our favorite composer of movie soundtracks for European genre films of the 1960's and 1970s, from his charming uprhythms for Eurospy adventures like UPPERSEVEN (1965), to his rumbling, ominous atmospheres for EL CONDE DRACULA and THE BLOODY JUDGE(both 1970), to his soaring Spaghetti Western soundscapes. One of his most compelling scores was for Jess Franco's 1971 horror oddity A VIRGIN AMONG THE LIVING DEAD, with its driving percussion beat, soulful arias and clashes of turbulent instrumentations and lyrical interludes (he reused some its distinctive cues in his score for the 1972 giallo THE CASE OF THE BLOODY IRIS).

Nicolai's UNA VERGINE TRA I MORTI VIVENTI is finally available on CD on Oct. 31 from http://www.digitmovies.com/.

Thanks to and check out the Bruno Nicolai site: http://brunonicolai.homestead.com/nicolai.html

Commentary Copyright Robert Monell: 2006

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