25 October, 2006

OPALO DE FUEGO: Assignment for a Female Spy

Working as a mostly uncovered undercover agent for a US Senator (Olivier Mathot), Lina Romay takes time out from her job as a stripper in a Canary Islands resort to gather incriminating evidence against an international crime ring in Jess Franco's OPALO DE FUEGO (1978), now out on Manga DVD in Spain. This is the alternate Spanish language version of a film also known as TWO FEMALE SPIES IN FLOWERED PANTIES!
Several screencaps from the DVD, including the one above, can be viewed on the Francomania board of www.bloodyplanet.com . The video quality looks certainly better than the old video dupes of this I've been watching for decades! Spanish language only with no English language option or subtitles.
The English language dialogue on the TWO FEMALE SPIES... version is a hoot and Franco probably didn't have anything to do with it. It seems that coproducer Eurocine had the final say on this version, which is the English dubbed export of the French version. That's why the Spanish version may more closely reflect JF's intentions, if he indeed had any beside making another sexploitation item.

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