22 October, 2006


Uncle Jess enjoys a cigarette and confers with other cast members of the film-within-a-film in his wild and crazy EL SEXO ESTA LOCO, which is now available on Spanish DVD [Manga: 1.33:1; 4:3; R2-PAL; Dolby; Spanish language only]. I believe this is the first time on DVD for this rarely seen, Godardian mixture of science fiction, comedy and series Z experimentation from the outer limits of cinema where Jess Franco lives and breathes.

The scene begins as our dreaming heroine (Lina Romay) tracks her fellow "actor" and lover (Tony Skios) into the Club Europa where Jess and friends smoke, drink and play poker. She is captured, tied to chair and tortured by a couple of nude dancers! During this activity the "reality" of the scene presentation is constantly questioned by showing the clapboard thrust into the frame, technicians entering the scene, and the "director" gesturing and shouting instructions from the card table. Keep talking and smoking, Jess!

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