30 September, 2006


Chano UruetaNacimiento: 1895
 (Chihuahua, M?xico )
Fallecimiento: 1978
 (M?xico D.F., M?xico)
We have a correct answer for our trivia question: In what two Sam Peckinpah films did the veteran Mexican director Chano Urueta (THE WITCH'S MIRROR; THE BRAINIAC) appear and what were the roles he played? See the comment section below.
Jess Franco has claimed in interviews that he worked with Chano Urueta on at least one production. We would like very much to know what the title is since even Jess couldn't remember the last time we talked with him. Given that it was in the vicinity of 50 years ago and considering Franco's gargantuan output since, that's understandable.
When we return we'll take a close look at select films by this obscure Mexican auteur and consider how they might have influenced the work of Jess Franco.
In the meantime, if you are a fan of Mexican horror you won't to miss the excellent CasaNegra DVD's of Urueta's THE WITCH'S MIRROR and THE BRAINIAC.

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Anonymous said...

The Wild Bunch - Don Jose
Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia - Manchot, the bartender

Gotta love that IMDB! :-)