17 August, 2006


NECRONOMICON was shot in the Fall of 1966 {many thanks to Ewe Huber for that information}, that's coming up on 40 years ago, and the new BU DVD proves that it still lives and breathes. It's an utterly charming time capsule of a bygone era, the likes of which we will never see again. It was a film which changed the map. The first X rated horror film to earn good notices in the mainstream press, even Vincent Canby had some good things to say about it in his review in THE NEW YORK TIMES, it was a product which could be sold as a horror film, an adult fim or an art film. The success of the film, released in the US as SUCCUBUS, would propel Jess Franco into an association with the high profile producer Harry Alan Towers and American International Pictures, which would partially finance and distribute the films he would make starting with THE BLOOD OF FU MANCHU.

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