01 June, 2020


This German re-release is of Jess Franco's 1967-68 Aquila co-production. This is the German version (RED LIPS), with a different runtime and score than the Spanish release. which should run about 89 minutes. The US Video release was retitled TWO UNDERCOVER ANGELS and cut out over 10 minutes of footage.

The German video release title was DER WOLF-HORROR PERVERS. The West German release version, according to some references, has a runtime of 92 minutes. This horror parody is heavily influenced by Pop Art aesthetics popular in the late 1960s, which is obvious from the splashy, brightly colored set design. Janine Reynaud is costumed in an outlandish black leather fashion design which would fit into a contemporary female Superhero/Supervillain film.

The comic book quality plot features erotic murders re-staged as tableaux vivants by a mind controlled werewolf (actor-director Michel Lemoine) under the direction of a crazed artist played by producer Adrian Hoven, who acted and co-produced NECRONOMICON/SUCCUBUS and KISS ME MONSTER, the two other Aquila productions directed by Franco

(C) Robert Monell, 2020


dfordoom said...

So is that German Blu-Ray English-friendly?

Robert Monell said...

Dforfoom, It may be. The last Franco film I ordered from Germany, the Colossal DRACULA CONTRO FRANKENSTEIN, had English,German, Spanish and more lang options. It just took to long time to get here and was expensive. RM