08 February, 2013

Al Pereira vs. the Alligator Ladies (2012) - Theatrical Trailer

Al Pereira vs. the Alligator Ladies (2012) - Theatrical Trailer

Jess Franco's newest shot-on-HD movie marks his most recent foray into the wild world of  the wonderfully sleazy, cheap Spanish P.I., Al Pereira, whom the director has been tracking for 50 years. The character was first introduced, as an INTERPOL agent played by Eddie Constantine, in  the 1966 Eurospy CARTAS BOCA ARRIBA (US title ATTACK OF THE ROBOTS).

The character has also been played by Howard Vernon (LES EBRANLEES-1972) and Jess Franco himself (DOWNTOWN--DIE NACKTEN PUPPEN DER UNDERWELT-1975). He is played here by longtime Franco regulaR, Antonio Mayans, who also played the character in my own personal favorite, BOTAS NEGRAS-LATIGO DE CUERO (1982), among other entries in the series.

Producer Ferran Herranz informs me that this is the first Jess Franco film to open theatrically in Spain since KILLER BARBYS (1996), and will premiere on March 22 at select theaters in Madrid and Barcelona.

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