17 May, 2018

The Janine Reynaud Story (1930-2018)

Home Video Trailer from Anchor Bay Entertainment

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Monica Swinn
Monica Swinn RIP...😪😪😪

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Robert Monell
Robert Monell Didn't know she had passed away. Thanks.
First of all, this is how I found out about the passing of Jess Franco actress Janine Reynaud. On Alex Mendibil's Jess Franco Facebook Group EL FRANCONOMICON, in a post by another Franco colleague, Belgian actress Monica Swinn. It now appears that she did not die, as previously reported, on Jan. 30, 2018, but much more recently, possibly in early May, 2018. The cause of death was pancreatic cancer. She had a long and very interesting life as a model for French designer Jean Partou and as an actress in Euorspy films, a Spaghetti Western, several giallos, more than a dozen sex comedies directed by her then husband, actor Michel Lemoine, roles in French erotic made by Max Pecas (JE SUIS DE UNE NYMPONMANE, 1971) and Jose Benazeraf (FRUSTRATION, 1971). Her three films made with the prolific Jess Franco were NECRONOMICON (SUCCUBUS) 1967, SADISTEROTICA (ROTE LIPPEN) 1968, and BESAME MONSTRUO 1968. 

Above: The Bitches, directed by Michel Lemoine, starring Janine Reynaud, a 1973 erotic drama

Whenever or wherever she left planet Earth, she left it a more interesting, mysterious place due to her exotic, ambiguous presence is all the European genre films in which she appeared. My own two favorites are definitely Jess Franco's NECRONOMICON and Benazeraf's FRUSTRATION. Both Franco were major league popular artists in commercial erotica and genre riffs. It just so happens that she was at the center of their very best films. One cannot imagine either film without her. 

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